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Did you just buy a home with a pre-existing layout, set of finishes or interiors that you’re not too crazy about? Would you like to create a more open space by taking out a wall to make your space look and feel bigger? Or perhaps you’re thinking of putting up new walls or temporary dividers to create more privacy? Are you considering of refreshing an old and tired kitchen or bathroom that will increase your home’s resale value or to simply enhance your enjoyment of your space? Whether it’s a renovation job that doesn’t require any permits from Vancouver City Hall that we can project manage ourselves or a larger project that requires the aid of a general contractor, we’ll be there to make the whole process as smooth and easy for you towards getting a new and improved home.

Home Renovations

Did you just purchase a home in Vancouver with a kitchen or bathroom that you can’t stand or doesn’t work for you? Are you planning to sell your home in the future and you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen and/or bathroom? Call us to discuss how we can make it happen.

Space Planning

Does your space need some careful thought and planning to help you buy the right furniture to suit its unique layout? Perhaps you need to knock down some walls (or maybe add 1 or 2 new ones) to make your work better for your needs? Contact us to see how we can help.

Project Management

Too busy to deal with local suppliers to buy new furniture? Or supervise various tradespeople to install new floors, repaint walls or fabricate your new kitchen or bathroom? We make clients’ lives easier by coordinating with the required trades/vendors ourselves so they don’t have to


Did you just purchase an empty space that doesn’t need any changes to the kitchen or bathroom but requires you furnish it completely from scratch? Do you need the help of an interior designer to put together a ‘look’ for your home because you feel that you have zero taste? Are you in possession of furniture that is no longer functional or practical and you’re in desperate need of a change? Do you and your partner disagree about what interior design style to use for your home and feel stuck? Did you try and decorate your own space and visit several interior design stores only to give up in frustration? Give us a call so that we can explore the myriad possibilities: from exploring a new and exciting trend or magazine photo that may have caught your eye, implementing a classic interior style that you won’t ever get tired of, or creating a modern look that makes you and your guests go “wow” every time they visit your home.

Interior Design

Thinking of getting quotations from a few general contractors in Vancouver for your kitchen or bathroom remodel? You need an interior design professional to create CAD drawings – and to choose finishes first – so that they can put their numbers together. That’s why it usually makes sense to call us first.

Interior Styling & Decoration

Confused by the array of furniture, lighting, hardware & decorative choices from stores that you’ve visited in Vancouver? Not sure what to put on your walls, tabletops, floors or room corners? Let us  help you put together a plan of action for a space that will make you and your guests go “wow”.

Art Selection & Organisation

Do you have a lot of empty walls that are in desperate need of art to enliven your space? Art requires some careful thought as to size, theme, colour & framing. You can do this at your own peril or call a professional interior designer to help you add pizzazz and panache to your space


Do you have a lot of bare walls that you can’t stand leaving empty? Have you gotten tired of buying generic art pieces that everyone else seems to own? Have you started thinking about building an art collection and need a seasoned eye to help you make the right decisions? And do you need advice from one of the best interior design companies in Vancouver on how to properly integrate your art collection so that it doesn’t clash with your furniture, floors or colour scheme? Collecting art is a wonderful journey to start whether you’re into black and white photographs, art deco posters or acrylic paintings. Let us guide you so that you’re better equipped to invest in the right pieces and to know how to frame your art, where to hang them, how high, how many pieces and in what particular size.

Why Choose Us

  • People enjoy our customer-centric approach of listening carefully to their needs and holding their hand throughout the design process
  • We treat people with the utmost care and respect and develop relationships for the long-term
  • We deliver great-looking interiors with timeless appeal that make people go ‘wow’
  • We enhance the resale value of clients’ homes, which is why they like to work with us repeatedly through the years

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